Sunday, December 30, 2012

xtreme climbing 2012

The year two-thousand-twelve was great. I was lucky to have some incredible adventures with various ladies and gentlemen of extraordinary character. I had the opportunity to explore for a month in Venezuela, ski chest-deep snow in Utah, establish new crack climbs in Moab, ride helicopters in Yukon, scramble around Tuolumne and toil on impossible first ascents for over a month, bleed on Vedauwoo offwidths, and ride silly bicycles. What fun!

Huge roof
Screen grab by Kyle Berkompas. Look for this 
in the upcoming Feature from Chuck Fryberger Films
Early attempt on Real Talk. Another Screen Grab from 
Kyle Berkompas/ Chuck Fryberger Films
Finlayson Lake, Yukon
Indy Pass ice cave-Photo: Logan Fessler
Fremont Canyon
Elvis' Hammer
danger bicycle-Photo: Brent Cain


Monday, December 3, 2012

Toiling in the sand

With November already two days interred, I have thrown in the towel on another massively fun season in Moab. As usual, I spent the bulk of my time toiling away on first ascents - one of which (Real Talk) I actually finished up. For those interested, refer to the previous post on this blog for spray on that route. Completing long term projects leaves one with the option of finding a new project. This is a very exciting time for a first ascensionist, and there involves a process similar to a man looking for a mate. In the case of the new project I found, I could very well be getting into a long-term relationship. I've tried the route a few times now, and I'm so hopelessly far away from sending it that I'll reserve further spray for when I can at least 3-hang the beast. With snow beginning to fall on the state of Utah, I am reminded that I should have plenty of time to pull on plastic gym holds this winter and transform myself into an  ATOMIC CRACK CLIMBING ROBOT!

Steep, and Green... Camalots, that is. Photo: Corbin Usinger
Photo: Corbin Usinger
Overhanging sand
Ryan Matson walks a 150' Highline