Sunday, December 30, 2012

xtreme climbing 2012

The year two-thousand-twelve was great. I was lucky to have some incredible adventures with various ladies and gentlemen of extraordinary character. I had the opportunity to explore for a month in Venezuela, ski chest-deep snow in Utah, establish new crack climbs in Moab, ride helicopters in Yukon, scramble around Tuolumne and toil on impossible first ascents for over a month, bleed on Vedauwoo offwidths, and ride silly bicycles. What fun!

Huge roof
Screen grab by Kyle Berkompas. Look for this 
in the upcoming Feature from Chuck Fryberger Films
Early attempt on Real Talk. Another Screen Grab from 
Kyle Berkompas/ Chuck Fryberger Films
Finlayson Lake, Yukon
Indy Pass ice cave-Photo: Logan Fessler
Fremont Canyon
Elvis' Hammer
danger bicycle-Photo: Brent Cain



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  2. Thank you so much for sharing this blog on xtreme rock climbing. Where are good places to go rock climbing in toronto? I'd love to take my kids. Thank you for your help!

  3. Wow this is great. I was wondering if any one would know where I can rock climbing at in Toronto? If you know where I can do this at please let me know. Thanks for any help.

  4. Sport climbing is a style of climbing that requires significantly less equipment than trad climbing. A sport climb is a route manufactured with bolts.

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  5. That is so awesome! I used to live down in Utah, and I was able to do some climbing in Moab one of the summers down there, but I was wondering, do you know of any cool rock climbing routes near Toronto? I moved here 2 months ago, and I have been dying to go climbing.

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  9. These are amazing pictures. Rock climbing is a very physical sport. I have friends who love rock climbing and they've told me that it is a lot of upper strength. I admire people that can rock climb.

  10. There are some great shots here. It can be tough to get a good angle on a rock climber. It's a great sport. It takes a lot of practice to build up the strength though.
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  11. My daughter and her fiancee love rock climbing. In the spirit of trying something new, I went rock climbing with my daughter and I had a blast. I would love to do it again.

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