Thursday, October 25, 2012


When September rolled around this year I found myself aching to do something different. The season was about to start in Yosemite, but I have spent a fair chunk of time there and was not that excited. Instead, I talked my girlfriend into a trip to the smaller, less frequently travelled granite venues of Fremont Canyon, and Vedauwoo. We spent a day in Fremont Canyon so that I could climb Fiddler on the Roof; a classic roof crack from the late eighties that has been on my ticklist since I first saw the clip of Steve Petro sending it on youtube. It met all my expectations, and I nearly flashed it. I swear my fingertips needed only a centimeter more on the jug and it would have been done. Happy with a second-go hike, we packed up for Vedauwoo. Vedauwoo is absolutely sick- It is one of those destinations that is unique in all the world. I would put it alongside Indian Creek, and Yosemite Valley in that regard. the "Voo" has lots of nice crack climbing, and even some face climbing, but what makes it special are the grizzly, flared, and often overhung offwidths. During our week long stay we mostly stuck to the classics.  "Classics" at the Voo include things like V8 squeeze chimneys. I can't wait to return. Here are a few photos from the trip. Enjoy.

Wyomig is a place for men

Photo- Michael Crapo
Photo- Michael Crapo
 Photo- Michael Crapo
Photo- Michael Crapo
Squat. Photo- Michael Crapo
Trip Master Monkey. Photo Michael Crapo
The Warden. Photo- Michael Crapo


  1. Way to go YSL! Glad to see you out there getting it done!

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