Wednesday, April 6, 2011


After a winter of skiing, swinging hammers and swilli'n whisky, I find myself back in the Moab desert. I flew into Durango two weeks ago to climb with old friends and get my car- since then its been full throttle raging.

The past week I've been down in the creek with a good crew. Yesterday my good friend from Sweden, Petter Restorp and I went up to a project on Second meat wall- a beautifull arching off-hands off-fingers splitter. We gave it a pretty good effort, deciding it was probably the hardest crack either of us had tried in the creek. As soon as our fingers heal, we'll have another bash at it, and hopfully get some better pics of the destruction.

                       An enthusiastic Petter jugs the first pitch on... The Proj

                               Todays activity  Photo by Thomas Sloss

                         Jan with the ball 'n chain leash

Meanwhile, check out SoCal hardman Brad Gobright's blog here


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